Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Days Ago

One year ago this evening
As the sun was going down
You were on your way to where I could have met you
And now I see that’s truer than I know
Honestly, I can’t wait to meet you
And as life goes on, I want to more and more

Three hundred and sixty-six days ago
You were taken on a road I’ve come to know
Three hundred and sixty-six days ago
I’ve never lived a longer year before

One day ago this evening
I saw the very place where you died
Shaking, though I was, as I stood there
Picturing your watered eyes
There I was, at your doorway to Heaven
Picturing your watered eyes



Our Filthy Hands

Oh, Lord, where is the pain I have forgotten
Is it cast upon others, is it haunting all the earth
Should I lie awake along with all those others
Every night, they don’t get to sleep, they don’t get to eat
And I have room to be bored
Someone come save the world!
You’re so scared your hands will get dirty
But they’re so full of filth to me

They wonder if he’s gone to heaven
Because he’s run away from this world
Because it pushes and it shoves
And it put him into a corner, on a shelf
And the crowded streets, he just wanted out
Because he’s run away from the world
Because everybody’s hands are so filthy here

God, we need you to move
You need to be seen through all the earth
Because the woman on the street
She gets pennies thrown in her face
And why does she feel even worse
When she gets what she wants

And I can’t help but wonder if that’s my pain she bears
And I can’t help but think that my hands are filthy like the rest
Lord, I want her to know that you bore that pain for good
Lord, I want them to know that you can clean our hands
Lord, give us clean hands, let them not haunt the earth
Lord, wash our hands
Wash our filthy hands


Drown Out the World

Why did I drown out the whole world?
When I knew that the time we had was so fragile
Everything in life seemed to be so limited and feeble
Especially when we were together back in those days

It all became so routine
It all became a silhouette
And I thought I was happy
But now that the glass has turned over
Did I really make you happy?
Did I really be who I was made to be?

Tell me, why did I drown out the world?
The whole world


Swimming Mind

It’s like the world seems so far away, and my mind, it’s swimming
But the world, I know it’s running, and now I just want it to stop
Give silence, give silence, lend your ears and a hand to the cause
The night is dark, it’s wet from regret of words I didn’t have the words to say
And now I’m staring into air like we both know how to do
And we do it all too well, we give silence all too well
Lend your ears and a hand to the cause

Can I take the time and break this chain
It locks my arms to my side
Binding me to breathe only slowly moving breaths
And the rain drips from my hair and falls into my hand
My mind, it may be swimming, but from the outside it looks blank


Listen to Dismantle Opposition

Visit my purevolume page or my myspace page to listen to Dismantle Opposition! This song really means a lot to me, and I’m glad I was able to put it to music.

Click here to read Dismantle Opposition

Dismantle Opposition

Did you know how far it had to come
Do you wonder if you’ll meet me face to face
Like I do
Would you think that I’m the one to go
Will you take me in as one of your own
Like I want

Even with the lengths that I still have to go
Even with the fears that hold me back
I know the force that is behind me
Will dismantle opposition
Will dismantle opposition

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m here with you
Could I ever get to where you are today
Give it time
Just give it time

I’ve always wanted to love you
I’ve always wanted to need you
I’ve always wanted to call you a home to me


Save Me Once, Save Me Twice

Is our footing all too familiar
Sinking in the sand on the ocean floor
With the waves reaching up higher, now to my chin
Now, before I drown, must I call on you again

Because you’ve saved me once
Saved me twice
Now, three times just today
But it won’t stop there

And now you’ve got me hooked
While I was swimming to the surface
Yeah, your broken heart, it was my weakness
I couldn’t help but recognize and hold on tight

Because you’ve saved me
You’ve saved me
You’ve saved me
My broken heart hooked on your love for life