(I’ve Been) Feeding My Eyes

I am still crying
But you don’t want to know
I am still addicted
To what is left of you
We are not antitheses
Sometimes I wish that weren’t true

We never cease to find the time
To feed our eyes whatever we might find
We never need a reason for the crime
Because it’s written all over our eyes
It’s written all over our eyes
It’s covering our eyes

I am still lying
But shh, ‘cause I don’t want to know
I am still convicted
And guilty, defeated, beaten, and bleeding
We are deceiving
And sometimes I wish that it were not true

Take me to
Wherever it was that I stayed by the door
Bring me through
The valley I’ve slept in for too many nights or
Seeing stars as the freckles on temptation’s cheeks

And the moon is her eye and she’s winking at me
And the moon is her eye and we’re going to leave



I Wanna Get Out (of the Fast Lane)

I’ve lost everything that I ever wanted to lose
And I can’t get it back while sitting back
I took all the steps in threes and twos
I’ve been everywhere, but I wanna go back

Take a deep breath and try again
Take a deep breath and
Try to take the reins
See that I’ve been taking the fast lane
But I wanna slow down, I wanna get out
I will take the blame
I tried to cheat the end of the game
Can I go back now?

I am broken, I’ve been missing the days
I am blinded, I haven’t seen the little things
That take us by aside and make us want more time
To hide away ourselves

Let’s just hide away ourselves
And forget about the time
Forget about the time that passes by
Let it pass by
Let it slip by