Your Backyard

I’m leaning on a falling tree in your backyard
And I know it’s going to fall
Yes, I’m toppling
It’s ok to laugh, I’ll get back up again

But now’s the time, if you wish
You could run away while I am down
You could turn and not look back
You could leave me here for dead in your backyard

I must admit, the grass here is quite comforting
So what if maybe I stayed
Would you ever think
It’s where you want to be, next to me

The clouds aren’t changing shape with you here
They form and stay, writing our names
And I can’t say whether there movements are pure
Because I don’t trust the ground to keep me still
So who are we to say we’re standing still
Yeah, who are we to say we’re standing still



Rendered Speechless

I would never write again
If last night’s dream came true
For I would be rendered speechless

And there would be a rift in time
From just that one look from your eyes
As your hand touches mine
It’s a miracle that I don’t die
(though that might be a lie)
I’d still feel my heart skip a beat
And I’d go dizzy, that’s for sure
The sky might fall, too
But that might be because you’ve just taught me to fly

As my mind turns
To the color of your eyes
All I feel is your hand holding mine
And yes, I can fly


Listen to It’s True, Here’s to You

Listen to Lonely Star

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Pang to Pang

Oh, God why does being overwhelmed feel so alone
Does it all take the place of you in my mind
Does it stop my heart from seeing
And stop me from believing

Long walks and longer drives through the night
Dark and running away
From myself and my life and all there is to do
I’m trying to find the handle to this door

My heart has gone from beat to beat
To pound to pound
To pang to pang
While sitting on this fence
But now being on the other side
I thought I could see more than I do


Do I Call This Love

I cannot stop
It goes to the point where it almost hurts
A stealthy sort of pain
Felt in the sigh of every breath taken

Do I call this love
When maybe my heart is breaking
From this longing on and on, this waiting
Lying in the rain
Tears, raindrops, inseparable, undistinguished
Yet falling equally into a river
Drip, drop, ripple

When will it come
A smile overpowering sunlight
Seems this fight I’m sure to lose in the end
O, end come quickly
But still I could never stop
To the point where it will always hurt
Coming through with every sigh

Expecting in return
From something down to zero
Silent screaming into pillows follow
Pounding fists into muddy riverbanks
Downstream from where I used to be
Left of where I could have been

So do I call this love
When maybe my heart is breaking
When tears and raindrops
Are inseparable and undistinguished
Falling equally into this river
Drip, drop, ripple
Do I call this love


Lonely Star

Lonely star in the sky
You’re not so far from where you long to be
And little did you know
That I dream of you by day
And follow you by night
Guided by your light
You lonely star

Lonely star behind the clouds
You seem so far from my outstretched reach
Little did you know
That I dream of you by day
And follow you by night
Guided by your light
You lonely star

Well, you may not be the prettiest
Or the brightest of them all
But you’re the one I’m clinging to
You’re the one I miss through the storms

You lonely star in the sky
Well, you’ve got me by your side
So wipe those tears from your eyes
You lonely star
You’re not as lonely as you think you are
Just let me be your company through the darkest of nights
My lonely star