Slow Time

I’m sorry it had to come down to this
But I’ve never been further away
From somebody I loved
From somebody I loved

Could you please
Just slow time
To hold me closely
I long to be one with your heart
One with your heart

Why’s it always something that reoccurs
I get caught up in life and forget about you
When you’re everything I need
When you’re the only thing I need

After nights and days of loneliness
Your arms feel so welcoming
And they are held open wide
A tear comes to my eye
As I give you my heart and say
Take it, it’s yours, I can only break it



Chilling Spree

What is this haunting me
You’re on a chilling spree
Running down my spine
When you’re on my mind
And you’ve got my heart
So either give it back or hold it tight

Every turn of my head I take
It feels like you are near me
But I can never see you
You must be creeping up behind me

I feel you here
And it’s chilling

Why are you haunting me
Such a chilling spree
Up and down my spine
Always in my mind

You’ve stolen my heart
So I’m following you


Wishful Thinking

I hope you would agree
That if a girl is with me
Then she’s a lucky one


On the Radio

I’ve got a story to tell
About my life and how lost I really am
It isn’t long, and it starts about three years ago
I was driving north on a road I didn’t know
So I turned around and headed south to home

On the radio came a song that painted me
It painted me pale, then black and blue
And when it ended, I sat in silence
Not even knowing the name of the tune

Now that’s been three years ago
And last night I saw that road I didn’t know
When I heard that song again
It felt like the first time did


Treasure Buried Deeply

He houses a passion within his rib cage
Dying to escape
Through glistening tears
Through shallow breaths
And hollow words
To be seen beneath his eyes
And taken from his lips
Off the tip of his tongue

He houses a heart inside his chest
Treasure buried deeply
Longing for the touch
Of a burning love
Beating synchronized
That reaches deep
To hold him
And match the words on his lips
With the tip of a tongue

There is a passion within his rib cage
Dying to escape
Through watered lashes
And cracking words
Unlocked by your touch
While locking eyes


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Astonishingly You’ve made this place
You put us here before time even began
And I cannot believe that You are love

Sometimes I feel like all You are is unbelievable
Because I can’t fully understand how You see me
And when I glimpse the magnitude of Your undying love
I struggle just to breathe
and I forget how to use every sense but sight
Because I get scared to close my eyes

Great and unfailing
Lavished upon us
Quieting and mighty
Mighty to save!
Everlasting and kind
Priceless, and more
So is Your love

Sometimes I feel like all You are is unbelievable
And I feel like all I have is unbelief
I long to simply glimpse how You see me
But without You
I struggle just to breathe