Kill(!) Your Chances

One step more until we are done here
One last call for retribution
Give me this, I am not needed
But don’t concede I’m not necessary

What! Are you looking for me?
Go! You just let it slip away
Kill! Your chances, they’re all gone

Learn to love, you can figure it out
Now you know how my eyes paint you
Let me go, I am not needed
Stay there, quiet, like I know you will

Circles we’ve drawn around our feet
On the sidewalk, and down the street
Under lights that never stay on
Telling me I have bad ideas

Letters and numbers we’ve jotted down
Through our fingers instead of our mouths
Inhale, then sigh, as simple as that
No need to exhale when you are around

Are you looking for me?
Well, you let me slip away



Life For Ourselves

We thought we’d run away
We thought we’d find the light on our own, a life for ourselves
But home is never where you go
It’s always where you leave behind

Drop your things, you won’t need them
There’s always more
Hold on to me because you know that we
Have only got today
To make it right and find a way
To find where we must be

It’s been so long since we’ve run
Since we’ve run away
Let’s not look back
Because it isn’t home until you leave
And I want to make this my home tonight

You’d never know it
By the look of us, but listen
We’ve been coast to coast
To find the reason we are restless
And why we couldn’t catch this
But today, will you listen for the answers
As we run, as we run away
Let’s run away

It isn’t home until you leave
And I want to make this my home tonight