Listen to My Friend, I’m So Cold

Although I’m trying to put my guitar away for a while, I gave in today and picked it up. Out came music to My Friend, I’m So Cold. Take a listen at my myspace.

Click here to read My Friend, I’m So Cold.


Freeze Me

Press me
Press me up against this cold white window
Shake me
Shake me down from the ground I’ve landed on
Freeze me
Freeze me while I’m cold as ice, so I can’t fight back

Sometimes you throw me into something
Just to prove that I can’t make it any further on my own
And I’m thinking that the storm tonight
Will tear the shingles off the roof while coming after me

You have your ways of blowing me away
Even the reflections on the glass are shaking in this gale

Press me
Press me up against your chest
Shake me
Make me see the glory through the fog
Freeze me
Please, freeze me while I’m cold as ice, so I can’t hold you back



Why can’t we just have what it takes
To go the extra step or two
Or maybe we can move forward
If we turn around and keep falling behind

And if we just keep looking down
We’ll miss everything that we’re missing
And we might not miss a thing

But I’ve caught a glimpse of what I’ve been missing
And it’s so hard to look down and miss it
And it’s so hard to stand still and not reach for it
And I’d chase after it if not for the chains around me

I don’t want you to talk to me when I’m curled up here on the floor
But that’s a lie, as I’d much rather lie closer to you
Closer to what I’m missing


Listen to Cold (Against the Brick Wall)

After I finished a little more than half the song, I wanted to record what I had so far. So as I was recording, I totally improvised the rest of the song, and I liked what I got. So, you can listen to the very first time I ever played the whole song at my new myspace or my purevolume. Let me know what you think!

Shredded Paper

I started walking straighter not too long ago
And I found what seemed to be my distant future
But here we are
I’m writing out my soul on a shard of shredded paper
And I ask myself
What am I doing with my life?
But here we are
I’m pouring out my heart to a few faces without names
That I’m bound to forget
So why can’t I go on with my life?

I just can’t believe that someone would say to me
“You can be inspiring if it comes from the heart”
So take all of me, this is mine, the heart in me

So here I am
I’m bleeding out my soul on a shard of shredded paper
And I ask into the night
What can you do with my life?


Out of a Worried Heart

I want to say it, I know I do
I really need a hug from you
And if you could maybe dry my eyes
I’d like that, too

How could I even imagine
That you’d kneel and wash my feet
Because I know you know where they’ve been

Jesus, you’ve offered your own hand
To pick me up from this fall

Now the world is nothing like anything I could ever have imagined


My Friend, I’m So Cold

My friend, I’m so cold
Both outside and in
There’s not point in most things I do
And I don’t know why I do them

I mostly just waste my time
I neglect responsibility, and I want to leave
I want to leave this place of mine

There’s bound to be reason outside these walls
These cold and hollow walls
Doesn’t anybody cry anymore
Because I can’t seem to bring myself to

My friend, I’m so cold
And I need to get to know
Something that can warm my soul