Thinking, on Sunday

Giving, am I?
I feel a bit worn thin
Giving, are you?
Or am I hung out to dry
And empty like I feared



Thinking, on Friday

I lose words fast
And I get weak at the knees
Let the clouds come to pass
And help me to see


Thinking, on Thursday

I’m tired, since I couldn’t fall asleep last night
And I’m missing her a lot


Thinking, on Wednesday

I’m hungry


Supporting Role

If I were writing my story
You’d be a big part of the plot
In turning my life to film
I’d want you there until the end, you see

It makes me sit and wonder
Where we both will be
As time goes by so suddenly
Every day is another page

I think that it would be epic
If, say, we met in the start
And then for a while we’d wonder
What had happened to your part

But after just a few chapters of growth and adventure
Each on our own, apart from each other
We could meet again
And love, regrow

From that moment on it would be so incredible
Such important partners alongside one another
And we could see the world
And save it, you know

Well even with the few main characters here
Me, my wife, and the kids
Such a supporting role could never be played
By someone other than you


Thinking, on Tuesday

So many things we don’t accept
When we don’t understand
Because sometimes we can’t
And words are not enough
To heal the pain we feel
Or the pain we cause


Thinking, on Monday

A time to stop, to think
A time to sit, to write
But I cannot think
Of anything but you

I now believe that I will fly
Only if you will fly, too