Pages in Puddles

Cold, we seep through pages
and red, we throw the knives
Are you sure that it is supposed to hurt
just as much now, that you’re pulling it out
Can we break and work together, let me rest
upon this ledge – I swear I will not jump
I swear I will not fall, even when you do let go

I swear that you can trust me
Just let me learn to walk again
You know that I will be here
And I will run before too long
as you smile from a distance –
and it’s ok if you admit it

Dark, all our puddles on the floor
we’ve left behind, we’ve stamped as past
We’ve purposed ourselves to avoid these memories

But I hope that I will see your face again
And maybe the blood stains will have gone by then



The Storm

We’re losing ground
We’re falling out
Are we letting go
Of what we’ll never know
Because it could have happened
We could have fell in love
It could have been us
We could have fell in love
Like the rain falls on us, we just can’t help it

Could you help it
You were scared
Could you help it
I was scared
Did we need it
Did we need the fear
To open our eyes
‘Cause we didn’t see it
When love came near

The thunder rolls, the lightning falls
The rain, it knocks upon our doors
It was inviting us out, it was igniting our love
But we were so held back, we were so scared
We didn’t care to see the things that could have been
Only the things that were then

We’ve lost our ground
And we fell out
We’ll never know
Why we let go
In the storm


Sigh (October 22, 2009)

I breathe out a little too much when I think of you
And I come close to shaking at just a glimpse of your name
I wonder if you will ever know

I’m too scared, I’m just too scared to do this right
I’m too frail, I feel this gale and I’m out of your sight
Because if you see me, too, you’ll see I’m a fool
But you might not that it’s a fool for you that I am

I think too long about all of what what-ifs we do
But I don’t know which way to go
How about you close your eyes, and I come close
Whatever it takes for you to talk to me, we’ll see

But I breathe out a little too much when I think of you
You see, you took my breath away


Listen to Her Entrance, My Eagerness

I hope you like it. It’s at my purevolume.

Her Entrance, My Eagerness

Of daisies and lilies and roses, all blooming
You made your entrance, a grand reappearing
All attention is on you, all motion is you

The flowers and birds and creatures were bowing
You smile and curtsy, royalty turning
Your white dress is new, all beauty is you

I just want to breathe you in

You captivate without even trying
And the beautiful blossoms admit to defeat
Your smile is as the sun, your hair as the moon

My hand will be yours and yours will be mine
And you walk slow, so I’m anxious and eager
To look into your eyes, and to stop all time

I just want to breathe you in

You are the answer to my heart
You are now the air I breathe
And forever will be



Air rushes out of my mouth
I don’t want to fall asleep; I just want to think
And I breathe in again
I’ll turn out the lights
I don’t want to fall asleep; I just want to think

I’ll think about that song again
I’ll think about the way you must feel when I see you
I’ll think about everything I couldn’t see in your eyes
When I last saw you

I’ll think about the things I’ll face tomorrow
I’ll think about the face you’ll make if I told you
I’ll think about everything you might think
If I told you that I miss you
If I told you that I am shy because I’m speechless
If I told you that I wish I were giving you insomnia, too

So I lay down to sleep
But I just want to think
I just want to think
Of you


Untitled for Various Reasons

Ouch, these pins and needles
Pins and needles hurt a little bit
More than I realize, and I didn’t recognize
It is your eyes that pin me to the ground

My feet are frozen under me
And I cannot let go of the weight I’m carrying

Is it time to run away and hide behind the seats
Or do I stand up after I fall down and face you to face now

I need you to know what I want you to know
But last time I felt like I needed to know
More than you wanted me to

Take the key, forget the chains, one is all we need, this is all we need
I know my heart is heavy, but my foot is heavier
And tomorrow I will see you on the side of the state lines
Are you running like I’m running
Are you running after me
Are you trying for me

My feet are frozen under me
So could I stand up and face you to face now