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Never Be As Good

Lord, will I never be as good
As the ones already out there
Because I feel like I am bound
And cannot make progress
I feel torn, with nowhere left to go

It’s effortless to some
But it just leaves me speechless
Because I’m nowhere near
As talented as he

Sometimes I’m so far
From feeling like I matter
And it seems I never feel
Like I’m more than commonplace

But if I can’t excel
Then it won’t be for me


I’m Missing You

I’m missing you
But no matter how much I try
I cannot see things from your side of it
And even though I don’t think it’s true
I still hope that you miss me, too

But is it really gone
Is it time to move on
And forget what we have seen
Because it’d be too hard
To try and keep these memories
Without wanting any more

You were one of a kind
In a sea of one of a kinds
And I don’t remember
Either of our last words
And a goodbye might do us good


Watered Point of View

Sometimes it’s a little bit unexpected
But in the end, it’s just what you need
A helping hand, someone to lead and guide you
And I didn’t see it coming, but I’m glad that you saw me

And why, why don’t I know the reason for these tears
Because somewhere deep inside says they are not tears of joy
But aren’t I happy to be right here with you?

Why does my heart have to know
That someday soon, you will be gone and all I’ll have to do is miss you
But I’ve been told
That we shouldn’t wait until tomorrow
To do what we can today
And I think that maybe I’d like today to last a whole lot longer than I know it will

So I’ll try not to worry about whether or not I’ll see you tomorrow
And I’ll take to being glad that I saw you today
Yes, I’ll be glad

Somewhere between a laugh and a cry
The tears fall down my cheek
Yeah, somewhere between a laugh and cry
The tear fell down my cheek

But just knowing that you care
That’s what puts the tear there
And that’s what puts the smile there

It was just a little bit unexpected
To suddenly see you through a watered point of view


Funny Feeling

I’ve got this funny feeling
That I’m gonna die in my sleep
And I’ve got a creepy feeling
That the dreams that I dream
Will be the very last dreams that I dream

And it’s been a while since we last talked
But I’m coming back, well I want to come back to you now
So take me in, take me home in my sleep
Because the pain will end if I could just see your face
If I could just see your face

I’d never dare, but if I’d take my own life
Then tonight would be the night
And this, my suicide note

Addressed to the world
Would they care, would they stare
Would they not remember my name
Could they even picture my face
Is it utterly filled with disgrace
Just because I set a careless pace
Because this race is never won
And now I’m gone without a trace
And they couldn’t even picture my face

I don’t know why, but I’ve got a funny feeling
That I’m gonna die in my sleep tonight
And I’ve got the darkest feeling
That the dreams that I dream
Will the last dreams that I will ever dream


Listen to Float

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Meant to Be

Why don’t you play me a song tonight
And the things on my to do list will fade one by one
And by your side, we will make a melody
Sing in time, and the stars will echo back our song
Because they love it

Would you ever have believed that we would be the ones
To captivate the stars in the night
Could you ever have believed that we could be the ones
To take the breath of the sky away
And in the stillness of the night as the wind dies down
I’ll rest my head upon your shoulder
And you just know that this was meant to be

Tonight, it’s us that moves the world around
We’re the ones that matter
Please, sing it back just a little bit slower
And I just know that this was meant to be

So why do play that song for me
It sets me still, even in the middle of this dark night
The only light I see is the part of our heart that’s drawing in the stars
And even they know that this was meant to be