This one’s just for you
You’re the one I’ll miss, you’re my regret of this decision
Today I’ll find that out for sure
And I hope it doesn’t hurt

Will my feet sink into the sand without much of a fight
Well, that’s not the plan
Will I be just a grain among the grains of sand
Lost like a dying start among the stars
Slowly fading into the background

Or will I learn to fly
And will I find that I’ll have no regrets



Time to Pray

I’ve fallen behind more than a couple times
From right where I should be
If I’ve ever been there in the first place
Even now, just because the sun is out
It gets so very hard

Break away the walls I make
Leave no room for excuses, because they’ll never count
Just bring me to my knees
Keep me on my knees tonight

I know a friend who’s moving pretty far away
And another who’s never seen harder days
With myself included, so much I could say
Everything happening, you’d think that I’d find time to pray

Will you break away the walls I make
Take away all the excuses I fake
Any way, please teach me how to pray


Leaving Home

Please don’t put your hands down
Though I may be imperfect
I still know one who is
He makes me clean, and washes me
Now white as snow, I will be

You may be leaving home
But take a look a little closer
Open your eyes, these arms are open wide
And love, it overflows
Into your heart, my very own

That home you’re leaving
Who’s is it anyway
Open your eyes, you are not of this place
Though you’ll go far away
Home is still where your heart must stay

You still know one who is perfect
He died to take your place
Now consider the choices your are facing
And imagine the look upon his face


Running Running Running

The sun is in my eyes
The wind is in my hair, then at my back
Took a breath and closed my eyes
Can’t see my hand in front of me, it’s so pitch black

I’ve been running running running with my hands in the air
And we’re going going going, going down the drain
Because I’m last in line, I was slow to the start
The shot was fired, and I stumbled down the lane
This just ain’t my game, but I’m still to blame

We round the corner
And now I’m not alone, like I thought I was before
But I’ve always been surrounded
I just never saw them until I opened up my eyes
Well, can you open up my eyes

So now, I think I’ll buckle my seat belt
Halfway through the ride is when I finally decide
To buckle my seat belt


Self-Proclaimed Cool

Yeah, you’re so cool
But it’s only in your mind
Because it’s sure not that way in mine
Yeah, you might be cool
But it’s only self-proclaimed
Aren’t you ashamed

Come down
You can take your seat
Your speech is over
Come on
You don’t deserve that smile
You’ve used up all your chances
Come on

Don’t reach higher
You’ve tried before, you fell
Sometimes giving up
Is who you really are
And not this self-proclaimed cool


Tonight I Have a Tear

Tonight I have a tear for all of yours upon your pillow
I have one for every hair upon your head
Why do I cry for you
With a tear for every letter in your name

If I could see your thoughts
Clearer than you writing them on paper
For you can’t even speak
I wouldn’t have the strength to stand
I’d be so weak

It’s not ever very easy to leave
A home shared with so many turns of time
And when you cannot count the years with just your hands
I’m sad to know that you have to say goodbye

Tonight I have a tear for all of yours upon your pillow
And you have one for every hair upon your head
Tonight, I cry for you
With a tear for every letter in your name


The Sound of You

It’s been so long
Since the ringing in my ears was clear
Is it what keeps me
From being alone with you
Is it what moves me
Towards others whose ears might be ringing, too

Well, it’s the sound of you
You’re trying to come in
But sadly, I’m hardened and weak

Now, I promise it won’t be long
Until the next time I hear my ears ring