Thoughts, Scared to Death

Thoughts, Scared to Death (A Heartbeat Knocks Me Over)

I have something for you
In the palm of my hand
Clutched and held within
A fist so close to my heart

And a heartbeat knocks me over
I’ll stay broken down
Right here on the ground
Because just one heartbeat knocks me over

I’ve been moving in slow motion
Since these thoughts have found their place
Since I’m scared to death, more now than even then
You should know I’m scared to death
More now than ever then



Wall Falls, Plot Thickens

Wall Falls, Plot Thickens (ever increasingly saddening, not knowing my way to tomorrow)

I want this to be who I am
And I want you to be by my side
With your hand in mine

I’m standing so much taller
Knowing you’ll be there tonight
But the world seemed so much bigger
Not knowing my way to tomorrow

If God could draw closer
And break my heart
Break my heart for these things I don’t understand
Would the tears in my eyes cease to be
Ever increasingly saddening

I want this to be who I am
I’d like this to be who I’ll be
And you, next to me

The world, it seems so much bigger
Not knowing my way to tomorrow

God, please draw so close
And break my heart
And break it hard
For these things, I don’t understand
And until then, the tears in my eyes
Will never quite cease to be
Ever increasingly saddening

Is the world more frightening now or before
With the wall in front of my face
Gone now, and vanished
Only to reveal a fork in the path
And it thickens the plot
When the narrow road leads to the right
And the easy lies off to the left
But you can’t go there
And you’ll never be there
Where I always had thought I would be
But now, can I just wait and see
I’m wondering

Could I lead the way to where I never thought I could go
Well, if so…

Take me with you
Can you take me with you
Take me with you


Black and Blue Ink

Am I about to bleed in blue ink
Oh, these emotional gashes in my skin
And this is what comes out

Does my heart ache because of you
When it seemed I forgot your name
Is this deep blue ink for you
Or somebody else just the same

And in this trail of black ink
Can I still love you like I want to
Like I need to, like you deserve
Though I am hurt

Will my heart ache
Because of things that I can’t give to you
And in this black and blue ink
Will the pain inside this bruise subside
Will I walk without limping
Will my heart beat without breaking
Though it’s black and blue
I know I bleed for you


This One’s for the Road

This one’s for the road
So take it with you, keep it close
And I know
That it’s harder here than you’ll ever know
So stay strong
And when the light goes on
Then you won’t be alone
It’s now or never
That’s what some say
And some are right
So here me, I’ll apologize tonight
Yeah, this one’s for the road
Take it with you, hold it ever close
I’m sorry for the sticks that I have stuck into your way
Hold it ever close
Because this one is for the road


It’s True, Here’s to You

It’s almost nice to be back
To what I guess is now my home
But again, I’m leaving behind
Something I tried to hide
Now, is it gone
Is it gray
Is it a little hard to take
Is it true
Here’s to you
Let’s not make the same mistakes
And we’ll be ok

The rock walls erode
From the rain that’s falling down
And I’m locked outside at just the right time
The lights flicker from off to on
Left out in the dark, in the haze
It is gray
And it’s a little hard to take
It’s true
So here’s to you
For pulling me out of my mistakes
Now it’s ok


Like a Bird Takes to Flight

Here we go
Life unfolds
Take a step closer to free
In this life of mine
Twist the line
Wring out the mess I’ve made
So many times
In my mistakes
I can’t believe I’m moving on

I’ve still got the scars
Leftover from before
And the heart
It doesn’t take to healing
Like a bird takes to flight
But this time it might

Never ever stop
Stopping to take the time
To look around and see
Because the years are blurring past