Listen to Fear in the Tears

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Listen to Not Moving

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A Tenfold

Father, hold me close
I’ve lost the strength to go
The strength I’ve never had on my own

And now my wings are failing
The wings I’ve made myself
Now I am lost
And I want to be yours

Take me
Where only you can lead me
Break me
And make my heart a tenfold stronger
Make my head a tenfold wiser
Make my soul a tenfold closer
To you

And now my breath is slowing
I finally feel my heart beating
Though I’m fallen, wounded, bleeding

Lead me on, lead me on
I’m for you, all for you


Not Moving

Has there ever been a time like this
Where I couldn’t even feel my heart beat
Quite unlike sitting at your side
And it makes me feel so empty
It makes me feel so left out
Of all I could really be

Has there ever been a morning like this
No shadows on the ground
And the sky smothered by cloud
Like the fog on the trail set before me
So if I just fall down to my knees
To rest a while, I’m helpless, lost

Will you drag me if I’m not moving
At the cost of bloody knees
Can you drag me, since I’m not moving
And maybe bring me to my feet


Break My Neck (When I am Mute)

Break my neck
So you can heal my throat and make it right
Because tonight I feel so choked down
Am I scared of losing my tongue?
Well, then let’s put it to work!

Will you have to break my teeth
Ground into gravel to make me taste the truth
That I’m as good as dirt if I’m not moving forward
So give me a face-full, make me a proof of who I am

The sweat beads up, drips, flows, and falls right to the ground
As I kick, as I scream, I squirm and squeeze
But with these sweaty hands, they slip right from your wrist
And am I hopeless!? I’m clawing for relief!

So give me words to say when I am mute so very oft


Fear in the Tears

Can I cry on your shoulder
Could you hold me in your arms
Me, a weak and weary man

Can I pour our on your sleeve
I am scared, but I am willing
To go where I am called to be

Is this the taste of fear
In the tears that reach my lips
Is this the sound of pain
Like a drop of blood that hits the floor