Light leaves quickly, because it outstayed its welcome
And words drip silently, awfully slippery
Words that could not be restrained
Leaving luck the only hope to believe

Darkness, much sharper than ever recently recalled
Boldness comes with fear instilled within the throat
Of the next voice to fight the urge to bite its tongue

For the life of me, I’ve never known words to be so bitter
When the only ones on your mind taste like blood on your tongue

Night stays at our ankles, nipping at our heels
While the day hides from our faces, ashamed of what’s to come

And we’re feeding each other with spoons and ladles
Helpings of regret



Buried Everything

Close my eyes, I can’t do it alone
Take your fingers to the lid and slide them down
As I will inhale and ask you why
Why have I lost it
Why can’t I dream anymore
Why can’t I long for
Love to be in store again
But have I lost it
Have I lost all hope, or is there none
Well, have you found it
On a beach under the sand, under the sun

Because I buried everything that I have ever loved
And I have drank away my dreams ‘till there was none
I have given up on getting up after falling down
And I can’t hang on for very long

So take the wine, move it to my lips
Close your eyes, and we will keep the pain alive
As I will exhale and ask you why
Why have I given you my dreams, it seems, for nothing
Why have I trusted in myself, and again in you
Why’ve I let you bury all my hopes under the sun

And we buried everything that I have ever loved
And we drank away our dreams ‘till there was none
But I can’t hang on for very long