Let Me Overflow

Stretch me and steady me
Build me into something ready
Let me no longer be hollow
But fill me up with bits of gold

Let me leave the little things
That all the infants long to know
Breathe in me the strength I need
To move past the milk and grow

Let me overflow
Because I’m finished being hollow
Fill me up and let me see
Let me see the overflow
Let me see who I can be
When I am the best of me

Let me see me on my knees
Let that be where I will see
You breathe in me the strength I need
To grow
And overflow



Our Eyes Will Never

From now and forever, the ones here share a prayer
That we will remember more with each day
And one thing we’re scared of is that we would forget
Because everything is clouded through our teary eyes

Our eyes will never be dry
Because we will forever have a reason to cry
With every last song we sing
May God show us more of who and where you are
And remind us that his promises are true
And we beg that his promise to us is you

Where is your home
Where is your bed
Here we are, and so confused
Because we know it was not exactly you
We said farewell to

In all of this I know that you are not
The ones who is worse off
For there will be a day not too far gone
When we will see
And we will know the things we don’t

Our eyes will never cry
Our eyes will never cry
Our hearts will never sigh
Our passions will never die
When we are side by side
We will be side by side
We are side by side