Like Tide

Outlooks coming up like tide
Rolling down the windows while I drive
And you stare from the passenger side
Smiling, you’re copying me this time

I don’t need to write to tell you how I feel
I’ve never known this but here we are
Here it is and can it be to stay
I don’t need to write in order to say

Hope is going out like tide
All the door are open wide
Can I hold your hand as I turn the handles
Because all of me screams to bring you

The other side is coming fast
Already the old won’t last a night
When the ocean pulls it out
Roars it rips it out
It’s out
To see the sea
These opportunities

Calling from as near as the passenger side
Reaching here and ending where
Ending where, I’ll see


Let Me Overflow

Stretch me and steady me
Build me into something ready
Let me no longer be hollow
But fill me up with bits of gold

Let me leave the little things
That all the infants long to know
Breathe in me the strength I need
To move past the milk and grow

Let me overflow
Because I’m finished being hollow
Fill me up and let me see
Let me see the overflow
Let me see who I can be
When I am the best of me

Let me see me on my knees
Let that be where I will see
You breathe in me the strength I need
To grow
And overflow


Our Eyes Will Never

From now and forever, the ones here share a prayer
That we will remember more with each day
And one thing we’re scared of is that we would forget
Because everything is clouded through our teary eyes

Our eyes will never be dry
Because we will forever have a reason to cry
With every last song we sing
May God show us more of who and where you are
And remind us that his promises are true
And we beg that his promise to us is you

Where is your home
Where is your bed
Here we are, and so confused
Because we know it was not exactly you
We said farewell to

In all of this I know that you are not
The ones who is worse off
For there will be a day not too far gone
When we will see
And we will know the things we don’t

Our eyes will never cry
Our eyes will never cry
Our hearts will never sigh
Our passions will never die
When we are side by side
We will be side by side
We are side by side


Heart’s Overflow (Part 1)

Footsteps on woodchips break silence
And leave silence behind as they reach the dining hall doorway
All they could ask for was a rest from the busiest of days
Are you as thankful as I that feet get to rest
While a heart’s overflow spills from our tongues

It seems on these nights that hot chocolate keeps us alive

And I want you to be right here with me
Warming me, stirring me, setting me free
And it’s heaven to think that the overflow of your heart
Belonged to me


Beautiful Monday

Beautiful Monday*

She woke up bright and early, was a beautiful day
Called in sick for work and headed for the door
Didn’t bring her camera, didn’t even bring her phone
Started walking down the street, headed for the edge of town

The air was so fresh that she could hear it
And the bird’s song so clear she could read it
And when her mind distilled to silence, this one thought remained

Why couldn’t it have been like this back on Saturday?
Why couldn’t it have been like this on Sunday?
Why couldn’t it have been like this
This is a beautiful Monday

She followed a little road that led to a little nowhere
But it was right where she planned to be
Just to let things slip away and to forget about the lists
Of everything everywhere that needed getting done

Well what about this, isn’t nothing on the list
Of things that need being done today?
And when her mind distilled to silence, oh just one though remained

If only you could see her smile
If only you could see her
If only you could see her smile
She’d make any Monday beautiful
If only you could see her
Oh, she makes any Monday beautiful

She is my beautiful Monday


*This piece is also affectionately titled Sometimes You Just Have to Call in Sick and Take The Day Off For Crying Out Loud (Because It’s Flippin’ Beautiful Outside)**

**I’m not the kind of person who would call in sick when I’m not sick. Just for the record.

It Hurts My I’s

Could you find me in the dark
There’s only a lonely light in the corner
And in the corner of your eye
You might not want to see me for what I am

But you’ve known me
You want to know me
Like I don’t want you to know me

Oh, all this glory it hurts my eyes
I know I can’t hide, I just want to try
I know I can’t lie, I can’t help but try
I know I can’t hide, so I’ll just close my eyes

I’ll hide beneath the bed just so I don’t have to stay
I’ll take what I can get, because I want to get away
You can even take the passenger seat, hand me the keys and I will drive
Because my mind seems to drain empty when following the road

If I just stopped to fall onto my knees I know
You could push me in the right direction but I
I’ve been so stubborn building anchors for my feet
And it’s not all that ironic that I’m sinking to the bottom
And now I get the clue

Still you’ve known me
And somewhere deep inside I know I want that to be true

Oh, all this glory it hurts my eyes
Because I am not worthy. I should be despised.
And I’ve so recently discovered that it’s easy to give up hiding
When you finally feel found.


Beautiful to the point of adventure

Oh, how beautiful is God.

Beautiful to the point of adventure.

Nay, to the point where, in his omnipotence and power, the intricate plot lines of time weave so marvelously together so as to work suffering into worship, pain into praise, weakness into power; even the deepest wickedness and failings of our own hearts used for his glory.

What anguish it may take to get us to the point where we will truly see the beauty that these painful twists and turns will turn out to be.