I Don’t Know What to Say

I don’t know what to say
I’m just a guy that’s stuck in life
Looking to do what he’s told
And it gets old, but not with you

There are some things in life
That money can buy
But I only have a few
And I’d give them away
For just a little time with you

Because money can’t buy time
A currency on it’s own
And when money can’t buy time
Why not make some on our own?



Honestly, I Plead

I’ve sat in the cold
Just whispering your name
But it was someone else
Who came to me

I’ve laid in the dark
To stare at the ceiling
But all I could do
Is whisper that name

Sometimes I feel like I’m just
Lost in the street
And my back is turned
To the way I’m told to walk
And I feel like my eyes are closed
To everything I need to watch

So as I plead for tears to roll down my cheek
I plead for their reasons to be turned into joy
Honestly, I plead my life into the hands
Of the one who came to bring me back to him
Honestly, I plead that I will never fall again

There are times that I’ve felt
Lost in the street
But I’ll turn my back
To all the filthy things my hands have seen
I plead that I can just open up my eyes
To the narrow road in front of me


The Hangout I Have Missed

I long for the hangout I have missed
In the part of my life that’s over with
Where I could have gone to comfort friends
And where I would have gone to be comforted
I long for the hangout I have missed

I can honestly say that I wish
I would find it soon, and I know
That I’d want you to be there
Out of everyone
If only you could be there
Out of everyone

I wait for the hangout I have missed
Where we’ll sit down and share our fears
You are the hangout I have missed
And I’ve been looking for you
Ever since the day I left
The hangout I have missed


Three Seconds More

Have you ever called a friend just to end up depressed
I have to admit that it hurts to hang up
Because, for a time, you heal my loneliness

I know that I should know better than to think like this
I’m wanting every second spent to add three seconds more

From my point of view it looks like you walked away
The truth is that as we slowed to a stop, I ended up in reverse
And now I’m the one who’s walking away

So, could you hold on for another second or three
I’m sorry I’m so silent, and I’m sorry I just seem to be
Using you to comfort me


Listen to The Really Good Bad Guy

I’ve recorded a rough version of it. Go to purevolume.com/thejambi to listen to The Really Good Bad Guy.

I Am Your Sadness

I am your sadness
When you were my joy
I’m drawing a blank
And erasing our past
Because time won’t continue
But still, tomorrow seems to come faster
With the intake of every breath
While our tears will all stand still

Will I still be your sadness
When the sky starts to fall
And I’m not there at all
Will my heart still know your name
When your face from memory will not fade
Will we take all the time we shared
And throw it into the sea
And will my heart ever long to be away from you

Will you always say that I am your sadness
Or can I for one moment be
A thought that makes you happy
And not just a tear on your cheek

Aly and Zach

(You Are) On My Mind

This night’s been given over
To motionless glances
And invisible pictures of you

And time’s been moving slower
With every move you make
In my mind, you come closer

Well, there’s time to say what’s on my mind
When time stops tonight
But you’ll never know
Because you’re so far away
So how can I say
What’s on
My mind

When everything that occupies my time
Reminds me of you
Sometimes I have the hardest time
Keeping my mind off of you

Well, there’s time to say what’s on my mind
When time stops tonight
But you’ll never know
Because you’re so far away
So how can I say
What’s on
My mind