Listen to Zachary, Love Your Sister and My Savior Shatters Pain

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And Cry on Cue, too.


Cry on Cue

The lighting is just right
The scene is set to go
The fair lady enters, stage left
Only to be seen walking past me
And I cry on cue
Just like a Hollywood actor
This is my own saline
I’m just like a Hollywood actor

This could be a movie
Because you brought the drama
Turning circles around my head and out the door
Now I cry on cue
Just like a Hollywood actor

I can cry on cue
Of you walking out the door
You sure were believable
Just like a Hollywood actor


Zachary, Love Your Sister

Zachary, love your sister
She is mine and mine alone
Zachary, love my daughter
She is a precious and beautiful gem
Zachary, she is the one
Given to the best of men

And I will hold onto her
Always stronger than you
And I will keep her heart
Safer than you’d ever do

I am the one who will love her

I am the one who will love her
The one who will know all she is
And the one who will sing her to sleep
She is the one in my arms
Always my precious and beautiful gem


My Savior Shatters Pain

The sun breaks through the gray of the clouds
The light seeps through my mouth and into my lungs
This day is new for you to rise, live, love and laugh
Your life is in good hands and you are safe
You have such reason to sing

Love that brings a song to sing
This love is ever enduring, shattering pain
Oh, come fill me
Come breathe me in
And keep me yours forever
Don’t let me run away
Help me love the way I should
Help me be the one you made

You, you are the sunrise
And you alone are the good in life
You, you are faithful
Moreso than the morning
And only you can shatter pain

As the sun hides its face behind dim and bleary clouds
In my eyes, I see the sun, I know it’s past these rainclouds, so I see it
Because my savior shatters pain


Heartless Me

Broken hearts are not what some think
No, to be honest
A broken heart is perfectly intact
It’s just what we call a heart that has been stolen
And not given back

You could be a collector
Does it give you pleasure

I do hope it’s being taken care of
If it’s sitting on your shelf
You’ve got my heart, you’ve got it
Right next to the others
And it just makes me wonder
Who has got your own

I am heartless
Because I took mine out and set it down
And I made room for yours
Oh, the silly mistakes I am so sorry for


Late at Night

Late at night
As I am writing this
My eyelids droop
They start to fall

I’m seeing things
I would not have dreamed
But apparently
I will tonight

Look here now
We’re all alone
The sky is bright
Where it’s not dark

The stars take care of that

Have you ever gotten dizzy
Or forgotten about the ground
As you stare straight up
Late at night?

The stars take care of that


Listen to Heroes, Release, and a surprise!

Heroes and Release. Also, a draft of Release that is a recording of me working it out as a song after the basic work I did with it, so it’s the first time I played the whole song. Thought you might like to hear it. And! Something special, too! All at my purevolume.