Heroes and Release

Oh, where is release in this little box of a life
What is time but a foot tapping, waiting
For a release

We are slipping through the sand
Just as much as it slips through us
And we press our cheeks against the glass
To look outside these lives we lead
Longing for release
Lusting after the greater road less traveled

And we want to be a hero
But we wrongly believe ourselves ordinary
It’s as if we have become strangers to ourselves
And we’ll take orders from no other
With no intimate connections knowing our desires

Sitting in the silence, looking out the window
Dimming clouds make for dreary days
As your hand rises to your heart
You imagine breathing deep
And tearing through your shirt
To reveal a hero’s clothes
To show you have just what it takes
To be a hero
And to be the one to grant release



2 Responses to “Heroes and Release”

  1. The Art of Whimsy Says:

    “…the greater road less traveled.” Brilliant line.

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