Invincible, Unbeatable, Invincible

I’m not giving up
I’ll make it through this one for you

Oh, it is time to cry
It’s time to take a hit and spit my blood in the dirt
Oh, it is time to fall
I’ve been kicked and bruised, but you’ll survive

Because you’re invincible if I’m taking all the punches
And you’re unbeatable, because I’ll suffer all your wounds
Oh, you are invincible

I never said you asked for me to do this
I never said you’d be the one to make the call
But I said I’d never leave
And I said that you are mine

And the hardest thing that one could ever do
Is watch love turn away when perfect love falls through



Beloved Lonely

Lonely, lonely, don’t be so
Just because you’re lonely so
Does not mean that you’re not loved

You are
You are loved above the water
You are
You are loved above the trees in the ground
Yes, you are loved
Lonely soul, yes, you are loved

Beloved lonely soul
Won’t you love me, too?


The Problem With Me

The problem is that I would die for you
And every time my broken heart so much as sees you
I choke on my own breath

It doesn’t have to mean that I think it’s meant to be
And it doesn’t have to be that I cannot ever love again

It has existed before I knew you
And was awakened when we met
This love that says I would die for you
Time and time again

I’d give myself if it meant happiness for you
I’d give myself if it gave you a chance at love
I’d give myself. If I had the chance, I would die for you
I’d give myself for you
And nothing you could say or do
Could change the way that I love you

And that’s the problem with me