Let this just be a quick one before I leave
And let the music keep on playing throughout the night
And we won’t stop, even though we’ll be apart

I bet that you can see it in my eyes
The fact that everything’s changing again

Let this just be one last word between us
Before I see you again, when you might not recognize me
When we will talk, and we won’t stop, not all night

And I bet that you can see it in my eyes
I’m expecting that I won’t be the same
Even when we meet again

Let us not forget the places in our hearts that we have shared
And let us not regret the things we said without thinking too much about
So while we’re apart
Let this be the best time of our lives
And let us grow
Closer while we’re apart
Let this be



A Smile Was Our Goodbye

Where did you go
I know I’ve seen you once before
Even though a smile was our goodbye
Could you please
Come and tease me
With just one more goodbye

Come join us singing
Our voice echoes the wind
For this song, quite like your eyes
It breathes the peaceful air of the night
And the stars are your eyes
They caught my own
As you walked past with your goodbye

For you smile, it was our goodbye
So could you please
Come and tease me
With just one more goodbye


Under the Overpass

It’s day one again
And the pressure, it builds
And the weight, it presses harder and harder
And you are looking at me
Trying not to stare

Could you please calm
This wispy air of yours
It’s getting hard to breathe
Could you whisper me to sleep

If the sun doesn’t meet us as we plan it to
If it rains, let’s still go to the beach
We’ll park our bikes under the overpass
Wait for a while and wonder how long these tears will last

And if you could just take me somewhere I’ve never been
We’ll keep on playing this game
And pretending that we don’t have work to be done
‘Cause it’s true
We were never too far from the truth
We’re strangers in this place who fell in love
Just a bit too suddenly

And the creaks in the floor
And the wind through the window
It comes and it goes, but it’s never enough
To keep our attention
Come on

Because if you’re all that I need
How much more could I ask for
And if I’m exactly where you know I should be
Why am I asking to be where I was before
When I promised I wouldn’t go back

So let’s go to the beach
Even if we’re left crying under the overpass
Stuck in the rain
While our bikes, they rust away
‘Cause it might take longer than we would expect
To wipe away every tear from my eye
But then again
You might be surprised


And I Will Take You

I’ll put you in this picture frame
And I won’t take it down until the end
Of the summer

And I will take you
As far away as I go
To the highest hill
And the deepest sea
By my side, you’ll be
You’ll see

Come, for I am leaving
And if you want to say goodbye
It is now or never
There are no lines to stay within
So cut the corners
And stay behind


Let it Not Be Still

I have something to say
But I’m still not quite sure what it is
And I hope that my knack for words
Won’t fade away as I stumble
Towards you for the last time

If there was only one thing that I could ever say
It’d be that I’ll be there for you
I’ll meet you here
And we can dive right in

It is ours, what we have
But I’m not in a hurry to keep to myself
And I hope you feel the same
So let us put this picture in a frame
But let it not be still
As we move into the night

If there was only one thing
That I could ever say to you
It’d be that I’ll be there
Wherever you are
I’m here for you

And even though I don’t want to see you go
I know that I will see you again
After all, the sun says farewell
From the horizon every night
And it’s always come back for me

So let’s meet here again
And dive right in


Believe Me, I’m Reluctant

Can I just hold your hand
Can you tell me that I’ll make it through tonight
Just fine, because I’ll be by your side
And could you help me do
What I can’t seem to do to save my life

Bumpum bumbum pounding pounding pounding
A longing for something, it knocks me side to side
And every time I try to stand on my own feet
There’s a beat where I feel that I just can’t make it
Without you here for me

So please, take my hand, let’s go for a walk
And if you could drive me home
I’d be glad I’m not from around here
Because even if my eyes are closed
I’ll know that these hours are still time spent with you
So forgive me if my head drops
And my eyes let down their walls
Believe me, I’m reluctant
Because I always thought that to be looking at you
Couldn’t ever fail at keeping me awake
Especially when the light in your eyes
Illuminates your smile
And your smile, it’s so contagious


Past the Trees and the Moon

It makes me miss you
And I get this feeling trickling down through my spine
Starting with the hairs on my neck
Standing still

Your lips move, mouthing the words I know you know
And you are searching, just like me
Tonight we are afraid, scared
Bleeding, but we can’t feel it
Because in an anxious anticipation
We’re just looking for some light
To see the end of it

So as we sit and wait tonight
Gazing up at the stars, past the trees and past the moon
As we lie awake with so many hours that separate us
Is the distance measured in years
While we increase the lack of sleep
As seen beneath our eyes

But it saddens your beautiful eyes
And the light, it fades with every breath
Getting deeper, I look for your eyes in the sky
Past the trees and the moon
I look for your eyes in the sky
What beautiful eyes