Under the Overpass

It’s day one again
And the pressure, it builds
And the weight, it presses harder and harder
And you are looking at me
Trying not to stare

Could you please calm
This wispy air of yours
It’s getting hard to breathe
Could you whisper me to sleep

If the sun doesn’t meet us as we plan it to
If it rains, let’s still go to the beach
We’ll park our bikes under the overpass
Wait for a while and wonder how long these tears will last

And if you could just take me somewhere I’ve never been
We’ll keep on playing this game
And pretending that we don’t have work to be done
‘Cause it’s true
We were never too far from the truth
We’re strangers in this place who fell in love
Just a bit too suddenly

And the creaks in the floor
And the wind through the window
It comes and it goes, but it’s never enough
To keep our attention
Come on

Because if you’re all that I need
How much more could I ask for
And if I’m exactly where you know I should be
Why am I asking to be where I was before
When I promised I wouldn’t go back

So let’s go to the beach
Even if we’re left crying under the overpass
Stuck in the rain
While our bikes, they rust away
‘Cause it might take longer than we would expect
To wipe away every tear from my eye
But then again
You might be surprised



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