Believe Me, I’m Reluctant

Can I just hold your hand
Can you tell me that I’ll make it through tonight
Just fine, because I’ll be by your side
And could you help me do
What I can’t seem to do to save my life

Bumpum bumbum pounding pounding pounding
A longing for something, it knocks me side to side
And every time I try to stand on my own feet
There’s a beat where I feel that I just can’t make it
Without you here for me

So please, take my hand, let’s go for a walk
And if you could drive me home
I’d be glad I’m not from around here
Because even if my eyes are closed
I’ll know that these hours are still time spent with you
So forgive me if my head drops
And my eyes let down their walls
Believe me, I’m reluctant
Because I always thought that to be looking at you
Couldn’t ever fail at keeping me awake
Especially when the light in your eyes
Illuminates your smile
And your smile, it’s so contagious



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