Close My Eyes

Sitting down without a purpose other than to close my eyes
And think of all the things that I’ve been through
As we scrape the sand away, digging deeper into time
Have you found that you’ve gained ground
Or just got stuck standing still

I take a deep breath and listen to the sound of the air
Flowing through me now, granting life somehow
Have we taken it for granted, the way we’ve shared our lungs
Now as we are here, hand in hand, sighs
Have I gotten stuck standing still

Lamps, trees, streetside bench
Green, Red, slow things down for me

And we’ll never be the same
Time and time again
Hearts depart from our hands
Look through the hole in my chest and ask yourself
If the grass is now greener
Because I know how I feel

Taking time to breathe, looking into the mirror once again
And I think to myself a short and simple question
Why did you do what you did
As a snake behind the mirror, you move
While I am stuck standing still

Run, run, I’m losing control over me
In time you will see that you may be better off lost
Than by my side
In time you will see that I am better off without
Being drunk on your touch
Oh! I’m tearing my life in two!

Lamps, trees, streetside bench
Just to breathe, close my eyes
And slow things down for me



Kin and Sand

When we start over
Will the words that have slipped through my lips
Come to pass
When we start again, at last

When will we run
Towards the things we started to
Before we turned away
From what we should have been

As the waves come in crashing
Close upon the shore
The sand in my hair washes out
Along with the tears in my eyes
But as you walk by
I wonder once again
If I’ll ever really want to live


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Waiting for You

This is not something that I can do
I cannot do this alone
Today, the call is still ringing true

Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord
Please give me Your attention, let me feel you here
My soul is waiting for You
I’m waiting for You
I am ready for You to make Your move in me
Please make Your move in me

Show me what it means to live for You
Tell me where it is that I should go
Give me eyes to see things differently
Because my eyes are of my flesh
Forgive them for where they’ve turned
They know not what they see

I don’t want to live a lie
Can You really change a heart like mine
I don’t want to trust myself
Only You know better than me
That I am not trustworthy

Make me ready for You
Help me see just what it means
To be ready for You to move
And to be waiting for You


Epic of the Tiny Hourglass

The streetlights dim as the clock slides by
But we don’t notice, or did you know
There’s something to be said about
Legible speech, slurry eyes
The clock slides by

If we’d only looked, if things had been ok
We would not have missed the secret stare
And the secret stair, yours goes up
Mine goes down into a depth of six feet low
The clock slides by, and we don’t see why

In the corner of the room lies what we missed
A tiny hourglass, sand sifting through its lips
Turning on its side upon a necklace chain
It would be so at rest around your neck

We could have controlled the time
And turn it back, would you turn it back
If only we’d agreed
We could have possessed the night
Within the tiny hourglass
Sand sifting through its lips
And yours through mine

Remembering when the floor, it shook
And the secondhand jumped backward
By only three
Time stood still
Did you feel that a mystery was close at hand
But we missed our chance to listen
To the grandfather clock conspire
With the tiny hourglass
Lying in the corner, hid by dimming lights

I don’t blame you if you don’t blame me
But you must know that if we’d been listening
To anything but our separated selfishness
We could have met the mystery
Of the tiny hourglass, sand sifting through its lips
And arguments left mine, shouts left yours
And a whimper came out of the wind
As it tried to tell us we could discover time
As it fell upon it’s side
And I fell upon mine


Cat Tied to a String

You’ve got him tied to a string
But you don’t know what to think
You don’t know if it’s time
To let him go, or take it slow
The cat is tied to a string
And you don’t know what to think

As he lingers around your feet
Catching scents of how it’ll be
When you pull upon that string
But you don’t know what to think

Let him go
Set him free
Are you afraid
That he will flee
From the helpless spot
Around your feet
You don’t know what to think


Colors, You, Me, and Perspective

Unchanging, yet never seemingly the same
So I am, viewed from my own eyes
And I wonder what I look like through yours
I wonder what I look like through your eyes

Are you scared to see what I see in you
As I am scared to myself from inside your shoes
From behind your eyes

Am I colored red
Intense, powerful, loving deeply
Or maybe painted blue
Colored as the skies
As deep as even your own eyes
But maybe I am only green
A weakness, but a safety

Do you know the color my eyes have painted you?

Nor do I; You hid the brush.