Close My Eyes

Sitting down without a purpose other than to close my eyes
And think of all the things that I’ve been through
As we scrape the sand away, digging deeper into time
Have you found that you’ve gained ground
Or just got stuck standing still

I take a deep breath and listen to the sound of the air
Flowing through me now, granting life somehow
Have we taken it for granted, the way we’ve shared our lungs
Now as we are here, hand in hand, sighs
Have I gotten stuck standing still

Lamps, trees, streetside bench
Green, Red, slow things down for me

And we’ll never be the same
Time and time again
Hearts depart from our hands
Look through the hole in my chest and ask yourself
If the grass is now greener
Because I know how I feel

Taking time to breathe, looking into the mirror once again
And I think to myself a short and simple question
Why did you do what you did
As a snake behind the mirror, you move
While I am stuck standing still

Run, run, I’m losing control over me
In time you will see that you may be better off lost
Than by my side
In time you will see that I am better off without
Being drunk on your touch
Oh! I’m tearing my life in two!

Lamps, trees, streetside bench
Just to breathe, close my eyes
And slow things down for me



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