Epic of the Tiny Hourglass

The streetlights dim as the clock slides by
But we don’t notice, or did you know
There’s something to be said about
Legible speech, slurry eyes
The clock slides by

If we’d only looked, if things had been ok
We would not have missed the secret stare
And the secret stair, yours goes up
Mine goes down into a depth of six feet low
The clock slides by, and we don’t see why

In the corner of the room lies what we missed
A tiny hourglass, sand sifting through its lips
Turning on its side upon a necklace chain
It would be so at rest around your neck

We could have controlled the time
And turn it back, would you turn it back
If only we’d agreed
We could have possessed the night
Within the tiny hourglass
Sand sifting through its lips
And yours through mine

Remembering when the floor, it shook
And the secondhand jumped backward
By only three
Time stood still
Did you feel that a mystery was close at hand
But we missed our chance to listen
To the grandfather clock conspire
With the tiny hourglass
Lying in the corner, hid by dimming lights

I don’t blame you if you don’t blame me
But you must know that if we’d been listening
To anything but our separated selfishness
We could have met the mystery
Of the tiny hourglass, sand sifting through its lips
And arguments left mine, shouts left yours
And a whimper came out of the wind
As it tried to tell us we could discover time
As it fell upon it’s side
And I fell upon mine



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