Walk in Love

For we are growing weak
Even though you may be weary
Only leaving and missing opportunities
Of conversation
To strengthen our community

Do we love
Only as we feel led
Well, that’s not how we should live
Just think
Do you breathe
Only when it’s a good idea

Is that not the way we should love
It should come out when we breathe
I want it to be found in my fingerprints
And left behind in my tracks
The fact that I love just to love
Yeah, I live to walk in love

Can I be strength when you are weak
Can you be my shoulder to cry on
When in need
In love, be there for me
And may I be there for you

But I will fall
And when I hit the ground
Gently bring me to my feet
When I need help walking



Escape, Dream, Nightmare

It’s like I had to escape
To start to feel
I just had to escape
From everything real
So now that I’m gone
And back again so soon

What’ll happen to the dream that I’ve been having
Will I wake up with a nightmare stalking me
When the fog I’ve been stuck in finally start to lift
Why, why’d I have to get comfortable again

It always comes to haunt and hunt me down
So it seems, but I’ll never regret this one
As long as I’m willing to let go
And hold on to the good
And remember what I said last night

So when you have to escape
Remember, be ready
Ready to let go
Don’t hold them so close
Just remember
Remember they’re in good hands
That certainly aren’t your own
And never could be

So this dream that I’ve been having, it’s all yours
And now that nightmare’s coming for you
The only one that can see in front of me, through all this fog
And I’m reminded what true peace really is


And It’s Beautiful

How beautiful the sound of the bird’s song in the morning
How marvelous the rays of the dawn’s new light
How precious the sight of this glorious horizon
And it’s infinitely better because I’m by your side

How beautiful the morning you’ve given me
How unbelievable that I am new again
Grace that abounds so that we may, too
In peace, patience, kindness, and love for you

New every morning, forgive me still
Keep and save the words deep within your heart
And when she calls from outside, you can fall to your knees
Let your yes be yes and your no be no
Turning the other cheek

As we bear the weight of each other’s hearts
We stand firm, side by side
And it’s beautiful
Yeah, it’s beautiful


Real Life

You might say that I’ve been trying
Hard as it may be
But I’m falling, failing, faster, forgive me
I just need to ask

Do you think that I’m ready for real life
When I seem smaller every day
And when I’m alone and at a loss for any word at all
Is it alright that I see you in the air

Reach around me, take me back to where you found me
Because I could have been so much more
Than I turned out to be
And maybe I wouldn’t have made any mistakes
In my pile of faults and failures

With all my heart I cry
Draw me to your side
I need you to survive real life