Dear Little Girl

Dear little girl with your mothers eyes
I never guessed that I’d be seeing you
Noticing your little hands
Reminding me of hers

How can one express this heart
A feeling transcending time
Of seeing your little eyes
The daughter of a girl I loved so long ago

When I hear you laugh and see your smile
I can’t help but do the same, but with tears coming to my eyes
One finally falls when I see you run into your daddy’s arms
And I almost look away, but no
I see him smile and know how happy she must be
Without me

Dear little girl, could you love your mother for me



2 Responses to “Dear Little Girl”

  1. thejambi Says:

    Note that this is basically a second try in writing the previous post.

  2. Raquel TWG Says:

    I know it’s stupid to say this, seeing as I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out, but I definitely liked the first one.
    And this one is just as good.

    Oh and I like the last line in this one.
    Good stuff.

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