Our Filthy Hands

Oh, Lord, where is the pain I have forgotten
Is it cast upon others, is it haunting all the earth
Should I lie awake along with all those others
Every night, they don’t get to sleep, they don’t get to eat
And I have room to be bored
Someone come save the world!
You’re so scared your hands will get dirty
But they’re so full of filth to me

They wonder if he’s gone to heaven
Because he’s run away from this world
Because it pushes and it shoves
And it put him into a corner, on a shelf
And the crowded streets, he just wanted out
Because he’s run away from the world
Because everybody’s hands are so filthy here

God, we need you to move
You need to be seen through all the earth
Because the woman on the street
She gets pennies thrown in her face
And why does she feel even worse
When she gets what she wants

And I can’t help but wonder if that’s my pain she bears
And I can’t help but think that my hands are filthy like the rest
Lord, I want her to know that you bore that pain for good
Lord, I want them to know that you can clean our hands
Lord, give us clean hands, let them not haunt the earth
Lord, wash our hands
Wash our filthy hands



2 Responses to “Our Filthy Hands”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    FINALLY a new post!
    And it’s a great one, let me tell you.
    Good job, baffle.

  2. Alymc Says:

    It’s fantastic!… I’m going to try to write a new post tonight on my wordpress about what I’m learning here (A few things about desire, the love of God, and idolatry) … so check in soonish. :)

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