The Politician

It’s not about a politician. That’s just a metaphor.

But deep inside us all it’s there (when we let it be); a burning self-centered heart. If you’ve ever read Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller, good, because I’m going to use an example he does in that book. The lifeboat. We’re all trying to stay in the lifeboat, like kids in middle school want to hang out with the right crowd so they can be cool. So, in this, that’s the behavior of the politician. Saying what he does just to keep himself safe. Well that just ticks people off, I think.

Quick question: Have you ever had a politician tell you something? I remember one time when a politician told me something just real quick, you know. It sounded so fake. It felt like we were actors, and that’s just not who we really are. So that’s probably why I had The Politician here in what I wrote get revolted against, plotted against, and threatened.

Please tell me what didn’t make sense, and hopefully I’ll be able to explain it a bit better.


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3 Responses to “The Politician”

  1. Anon4him Says:

    Ah… good stuff. The life-boat theory is pretty accurate, unless you get people really living for Christ.

    And what’s this about threatening a politician, and was he a Senator?

  2. thejambi Says:

    In “The Politician,” he is revolted against, plotted against, and threatened. I was referring to the writing, not my encounter with a real person.

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