I wrote this in utter sincerity. It isn’t specific, so whenever it says “you,” I’m not referring to anyone specifically. At the heart of it, this is really all about me. Similar to Something About You, it’s about how I’m not quite the most outspoken or open person sometimes. This is coming at that from a different angle though, It’s about how I can sit down and write a big long email to someone who asks how I’ve been doing, when in person I might not be able to say much more than 3 and a half sentences. I don’t know why I’m like this, and I hope someday I’ll be able to speak like that with words. That’s what this is about. It’s right at the end, I mention exactly that – hoping to spill like I can in an email in person someday.

So naturally, this is one I like, personally. Something else about this is making me like it even more at the moment, and hopefully I will be able to let you in on that soon.


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7 Responses to “Spill”

  1. alymc Says:

    I am so like that too.
    I hate it,
    I’ve tried to change it…but it’s so hard isnt it?

  2. thejambi Says:

    It is hard. I don’t really have an understanding of why I’m not very talkative in these situations.. But once we know that, it might help us fix it.

    I wouldn’t say I hate it, though.. but I know what you mean. I actually would say that I love being able to write those messages and put all I do into them. (Unless the person on the receiving end doesn’t really want all that)

  3. Raquel TWG Says:

    Ha I’m talkative in pretty much every situation.
    Except when I have to talk in Spanish. My extended family thinks I’m shy. PSH.

    But actually during the first 12 years of my life I was the shyest person on Earth [hard to believe, isnt it?] and I’m just making up for it.

  4. thejambi Says:

    lol. I’d pretty much be lost if people were speaking anything different than english. Those 3 years of french didn’t really do that great for me, I don’t think I could carry on a conversation at all.

  5. alymc Says:

    Haha … Raquel.
    My 3 years of Spanish did nothing for me … I think I learned more the two summers I went to the DR then I did my whole 3 yrs in class.

    I see your point, Zach. I just always like pre-plan what I’m going to say .. and then it never comes out that way. Then, when I think back on what I said .. I go “shoot! forgot that!” so then I just end up writing a letter or email anyways. It just annoys me that I can never say things the way I want to in person.

  6. thejambi Says:

    Yeah. And it always feels weird when you laugh at something that would have been funny as it pops into your head later that day when you’re with somebody totally different. That’s just weird.

    And yeah, I always forget the things I want/need to say like that.

    Well that’s fun, we seem to be very much alike in this way. I’m always interested in these little ‘personality parts’ that people have/share. I think it’s cool, all the things God puts together to make people so much different from each other.

  7. Raquel TWG Says:

    Ha well Spanish was my first language but I’ve totally forgotten it. I can understand it fine but I get shy when talking Spanish because I always think that I sound so stupid. I’m convinced that I have an American accent and that’s weird being a hispanic. So I don’t like to embarrass myself in front of people who already think I’m strange and anti-social.

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