Something About You

I really like this one and it means a lot to me, personally. It is not about a “romantic interest” or whatever you may call it; it is simply what it says. It’s about someone who “opens me up and sets me free.”

Here’s the story:

First off, I’m not a very outgoing or social guy by any means, and usually I don’t speak up in a group of people larger than about six. One on one, however, I can really open up and become somewhat talkative. This happens when I’m around some people more than others, and a few weeks ago I noticed that one person in particular helped me open up and get a bit out of my usual comfort zone more than I ever really have. Then, on Sunday outside of the church as me and my friend were getting into my car to leave, my friend comments on how we should go ride the horses (which are right past the church parking lot), because he heard we can ride them if we wanted to. Now, being me, I’m not going to go ride a horse anytime soon.

But, then I thought back to this person and how easy she had made it for me to get out of my little comfort zone, and I think that she’d make it easy for me to do something like ride a horse. This got me thinking. What if she could make me feel unafraid to open up like this, unafraid to dance and sing and walk with my eyes closed, to be crazy like I’ve never been. This next part may be exaggerated, but what if that also meant I could be unafraid to even bungee jump off of a bridge, or jump out of a plane and fall from the sky (skydiving, that is)?


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One Response to “Something About You”

  1. alymc Says:

    I’m so totally the same way!I rarely open up in large groups, but get me one on one and I can be a little weird sometimes. Haha. And, horses are so fun to ride… except when they start to run.

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