I Hope The Road Doesn’t Stop

A few of my writings you might find drenched in one common theme. The setting of it is simple, really – thinking of friendships that could have been but never were, for which I blame myself. But what if those relationships aren’t lost causes? What if we just got in the car and drove away, could it end up seeming like we’ve known each other for years?

I do like the thought of just getting into the car and driving away, but the use of it here simply refers to getting to know someone and becoming part of their life. That is a huge part of who I am, especially with that picture of a one on one connection with somebody. Near the end of the school year I had a five hour meal with a friend, and it’s just such a good time. To think that I could have had that with even more people, people who I have seen both happy and sad, people I’ve seen on top of the world sometimes and other times in need of a hand up off the ground.

That song on the radio is Hey Wait by Sanctus Real, and I loved it ever since I first heard it. The line is copied word for word here for that reason, “Hey wait, I want to take you for a ride.” I know that part of me longs to be that person that somebody goes to for help, when they need somebody by their side or somebody to listen.


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One Response to “I Hope The Road Doesn’t Stop”

  1. raqueltheweathergirl Says:

    Hey Zach [:

    By the way I loooove Sanctus Real. They’re lyrics are amazing I especially like “I’m Not Alright”.

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