The Words Are Coming

When I try to write, my eyes go numb
And they see things that I could not
Explain in full, because there are no words to tell
Just how things used to be
When I was younger
When I was the old me

And time couldn’t even tell me where I’d be
In three years three years ago
So let’s not blame it on anything
Listen to me, I’m where I’ll be
But I’m moving faster than I’m leaving
And I’m leaving, yes I am leaving
I am leaving who I was behind
Sometimes I might miss him
But I don’t know why you would

But this is what must happen
This pen must meet the page
I must shake hands with the man in the mirror
I’ve got to stop running towards the ground
It has to be the next corner this street finds
Where I take off my shoes and just flip out
Because things will be surprising
When I keep going
When I am this old me

Come along
It’s not that far
The words are coming
And soon we can stop staring
At what’s become



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