Give My Hands Life

Slowly close your eyes
These words, you whispered quietly
These words, you whisper so gently
I know there are ladders too tall
But these things, I can reach
If only I can stand on your shoulders
You will be my motivation
I will be yours, too

Take off your silence, take off your shame
Take off the darkness that covers the night
I just want to see your eyes
I just want to hear your name

Slowly, all is out of sight
And I am myself because of you
My smile is complete when seen from your eyes

These are the times when I feel alive
It must be your hands give my hands life



2 Responses to “Give My Hands Life”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    I should check your blog more often, seeing as you won’t tell me when you post new stuff…new, freaking amazing stuff, by the way. Seriously, this is so… *insert synonym of amazing here*.

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