Terribly Unique

Terribly, you are terribly unique to me
Foolishly, the dogs don’t bark – they just follow
A lesson we could have been learned
We shouldn’t have only nipped at your heels
But we should have bit to kill
Because you aren’t innocent, are you?

People ask us why we’re broken
They don’t catch the trace of betrayal on our skin
People always ask what is wrong
Without first looking at themselves and wondering
If the culprit is there and not outside of them
Oh yes, more often than you think
The culprit’s in your skin, using your eyes
To tell the lies that you believe

And you, it is you that fed the dogs
No more than once you gave them seconds
When they asked
And you, you are terribly unique to me
And you’ve taught me that unique cannot be trusted
When it sits behind green eyes



3 Responses to “Terribly Unique”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    I haven’t bestowed upon you a comment in forever, because I’m the worst friend in the whole world. Anyway, I like this. A lot. You’re so good. *envy*

  2. charkue Says:

    Woah. I have green eyes. *coyly* Are you trying to tell me something?

  3. thejambi Says:

    Haha. No, I’m not…

    Well, if it meant anything, it means that I chose a color, and I like green. I like green eyes. Maybe I am telling you I like your eyes.

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