Prelude to Story of The Sky

The sun today will rise for you, but you will never know
The wind will sing a song for you, but will you ever know
That you are the audience of the sun, and the stars shine for you
Yeah, the sky’s alive for you

We’re waiting for our day to come
We’re waiting for our adventure to begin
And if yours was yesterday, I know it will be hard
To carry on

The clouds are raining on you
And despite all of the pain, I know you’ll breathe again
And the wind’s no longer singing, but screaming at you
The tide is slowly rising, but your feet are stuck to the floor
The sky is being taken, taken away

It’s easy to say, “I’m giving up”
And it’s easy to think that you’re going down
But don’t you dare, child, don’t you dare
Don’t stop now, the light will come
Will come, will come



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