See there, it lingers on
See there, it wears us down like sand upon the stone
See here, just take my hand
And we will take the land
Before it tears us away from our very minds
Before we let it erase our sanity

And the winds will come blowing harder than before
But we will keep on staring towards the sunset
And we won’t let it take us
No, we won’t let it break us and keep us from home

Stay strong, no looking back
Stay strong, we set out for good to leave our past
And though the world keeps turning
We’ll make it just in time

Oh, we’re running on feet that were made to fly
Just close your eyes



One Response to “Challenge”

  1. msrose318 Says:

    Hi Zach. My name is Tia. I just started my blog, and it recommended me to your blog. I love “Challenge.” I can see it as a song. I’m still working on setting up my blog page. Any suggestions? I’ll be reading more of your poetry. Don’t stop writing. :-)

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