He Told Me It’d Be Easy (and that you wouldn’t walk away)

I saw you there, standing just one short mile away
Oh, how our eyes play tricks on us sometimes
Because I have not stopped walking your direction
Since I set my eyes on you some time ago
And the man that told me I could fly to you
Over obstacles that block the way
Well, he was wrong
He told me it’d be easy and that you wouldn’t walk away
What a lie he told to me

Time flies by when your within reach of your dreams
Yeah, hairs turn gray quicker the slicker your fingers’ grasp
Still, I have not stopped reaching across these trenches in my way
To get to you, like I set to do some time ago

And I’ve been running to, I’ve been running to
But what have I been running from, because I never took a peek
I never dared to look behind me, I’ve been set on running to
But what I’ve been running to is your front window
I am on the outside looking in to watch you smile
I cannot give, I cannot take, so close, yet so far away
Is all behind me wasted, is all behind me gone
Is this as alone as I will ever be
Is this as alone as you are beyond the window
Beyond my fingertips against the glass
And my breath upon the air

The man that told me I could fly to you
He was so very wrong

No, it’s been too hard to get this far and I cannot let go
This is the reason I am here
I will save you, whatever it takes
So I knock at the door, then I wait, this is my part

So I will stand tall as I now wait for you to look me in the eye
And I will not budge, because
By God’s grace I’ve made it here, and by God’s grace I will be strong
But will I be strong enough to walk away?


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