Let Us Not Sleep

Time bleeds under the door
We are numb, and we don’t look
It seems we never can see the light of day
We’ve fallen asleep like those in the night
Thinking we’re still of the light
Blinded by our own eyelids
Let us not sleep

Why on earth are we on this earth
Why can’t we get off the ground
Why are we stuck in the rut
Turning our clocks back every hour
Just to keep living life in the dark
We are so blind
Why are we so blind
When we should be the lights to a world in the night
Let us not sleep

Wake up and walk away from your heart
Dry off your hands and shrug away the tears of the torn
You’re not alone when you look in the mirror
And wonder if you’re not alone in trying to find a way
We’re all trying to find our way
Let us not sleep



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