Bent Over Himself

He is bent over himself in the corner of the room
Blood on his hands, the darkness hides, he’s safe
The wind howls through the moon and dances trees to sway
Shadows give the only light by which you may see
The man bent over himself in the corner of the room

Don’t look. Cover your eyes, his face is a hideous sight
The only colors in his eyes are white, red, and black, he sees black
No, don’t go near. He can’t swallow, he’s choking, coughing, clawing at the wall
Crouching in the corner, bent over himself, tearing at the collar of his filthy, ragged shirt

It is the picture you’ve painted of loneliness
And he has come to life, as the wind howls past the moon
So what do you do, what can you say?
Could you walk into the room?

Up becomes an angle as you open the door
Sweat grows upon your brow as you move a step closer
And you see him in the corner, bent over himself
As a shiver crawls up your spine, into your mind
Behind you feels comfortable and close, a way of escape

But you edge your way closer, you tap on his shoulder
He jerks his head, greasy hair drips across his guilty face
For half of one second, you count to a million, because you caught his eye
Reverse, he must look away

“I bleed red! I bleed red!” He tears his filthy, ragged shirt
Beats and claws at the wall, he cannot get out
He cannot get away from the sight of another’s face
“NO!” He cries, blood drains down his cheek

He jerks his head again, he is up against the wall, and you are frozen still
He pants to breathe, coughing, dying. Justice, you think
As you bolt up from your sleep, sweat forms upon your cheeks
You have seen yourself without grace



2 Responses to “Bent Over Himself”

  1. The Art of Whimsy Says:

    That’s some powerful imagery there. I felt a huge amount of tension, that I didn’t know had been building in me, release when the character awoke.

  2. thejambi Says:

    Yeah. While I was writing it, I could tell that it was going to be very different than most of my other writings. Thanks for sharing your response to it!

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