In the Moment My Heart Beats

I’ve been looking for inspiration
Wandering eyes, never ending
You seem perfect for the source
Mystery, your eyes, endless
Don’t move, don’t even blink
As I paint the way you’re stirring me

If it is really you, I could write all day
Even though I’m speechless, because you take my breath away
But even if my pen spills but just one word over and again
That word is beautiful, spelled with letters from your name

I’ve been feeling a little lost for words
But you walked past, gave them back
And I have decided that you are slow motion
I have to swallow and then think in order to breathe
As you smile, my mouth drops, unhinged jaw
Your eyes meet mine and every nerve comes alive
I have never felt the air like this
Conscious of all things, yet sensing only you


2 Responses to “In the Moment My Heart Beats”

  1. The Art of Whimsy Says:

    Whhhhooooh… tingly! I dig.

  2. thejambi Says:

    Thanks, that means a lot!

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