Don’t Let Yourself Bleed (Here for You )

Don’t let yourself bleed, my dear
I have taken your pain upon myself
And I have bled for you, remember me now
This fight is not your own
I will pull you through

Listen to the words that you know I have said
Instead of those from opposing friends
Sometimes they are wrong
But I will always be
Here for you

Tears fall, and you’ll never be the same as back then
Isn’t that the point, I have tried to show you
I have tried to give you my hand
So if you’ll take my hand
I can pull you through
Will you?



2 Responses to “Don’t Let Yourself Bleed (Here for You )”

  1. neighbor Says:

    I like this one Zach. It reminds me that my Jesus is supposed to fight with me, He has gone before me….it’s already been done.

    Is the second line supposed to say “I have taken your pain upon myself” not yourself? just curious

  2. thejambi Says:

    Thanks! And yes, thanks for that correction – I’ll fix it!

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