Dreams of the Other – Lyrics

I feel like I will dream about you tonight
Why this is, I do not know
But I would like to meet you
In the lamplit streets of my mind tonight

And we sit on a bench under the starry sky
That I’m sure you adore as much as I
In the moonlit meadow of my mind tonight

Could I leave behind what I’ve been thinking
Could we wreck our plans to sail apart
Could this be that dream we remember
When we think of future love

The books that I’ve read, all the words I have said
And the memories I hold close to me always
Might they leave room for you
As we cross this sea by the lights of the stars
When you see my eyes for the very first time

And I’ll never want you to wake up
I’ll never long to be apart
You’ll never want me to wake up
You’ll never want this dream to end

I’ll never want you to wake up
Or have you outside my mind
You’ll always hold me in your heart
Hold me in your heart

As we reach the shore and dawn draws near
You whisper in my ear, you wish you could stay here
But our dream will end with the night
And we’ll wake up in love at sunrise
You’ll be searching for me
I’ll be searching for you

So don’t forget the design
Of your hand in mine
If it’s meant to be
Darling, you will find me

I’ll never forget the night we met
In the dreams of the other

…Good morning, my dear, don’t worry
I won’t forget the girl of my dreams
There will be a place for you next to me…



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