Lacking Compassion

Could you check my pulse
Your fingers with painted nails
Covering scars of what you’ve done to me
Do you cry as I bleed
Or turn your head

Ripping the knife from my heart without warning
Lacking compassion

Should I have checked your pulse
Mistakenly thinking that your heart was beating well
While my heart was beating faster
Was your heart slowing down
As you thought of me

I didn’t know that it hurt when you thought of me
Lacking compassion

When I had told you that it hurt when I thought of you
I was lacking compassion
When you never told me that it hurt just to think of me
Were you lacking compassion

Still, I find myself hoping that you’ll think of me
Because I still cannot stop thinking of you
I hope you know now that I will always care for you
Though I am lacking compassion

With tears in my eyes I am lacking compassion
With the poison on my tongue I am lacking compassion
As I’m dying for you, am I lacking compassion



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