How to Run Away

Running away, let’s follow our hearts this time
We know we’ve gone away from the start
But this time if our eyes are fixed on the things we’ve believed
Then we will find love in the end

Only in the end we’ll see that love is waiting for us
We’ll finally know where we belong
And there’s nothing more satisfying
Than putting down what we’ve been holding onto
What we’ve been holding onto for so long

So sit if you need to
We will not make progress if your heart is heavy
Let it all come out now
So sit if you’re heavy, burdened, and drowning
Then count to three
Just count to three


2 Responses to “How to Run Away”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    Whoa! Newness! I like it. More colorful (:
    Was it because of the giant space?

  2. thejambi Says:

    Yes, the other layout was sticking that blasted space all over the place, so I switched to this layout. Similar basic structure, but something new. I think I like it, too.

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