Dear Little One

Dear little one, your mother’s eyes belong to you
And your smile, from a man I never knew
Did chances ever give it away
That I’d be meeting you today
Who ever would have guessed it
That I’d be seeing those eyes
In a darling little girl

Dear little one, your eyes bring tears to mine
And I care for you, as I cared for your mother years ago
I cannot believe how happy she must be
To hear your little voice from in your daddy’s arms
I cannot believe that in this park today
I would see those eyes
In a darling little girl

Dear young woman, the way you’re growing up
And the way I’m growing old
I hope that through the years
You’ll keep your mother close
Because I still see her in your eyes
And years from now
Maybe you’ll see a little boy
With the eyes of a man
Who made the mistake of letting you go
And you’ll know what these tears are all about



One Response to “Dear Little One”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    Random comment: You know, I read this probably 4 or 5 times yesterday [maybe more] and I just noticed that you ARE being more rhyme-y.

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