Under the Sun

How can I describe this emotion within me
Something is screaming to get out of me
What is the key to let it out
This truth that wants to be expressed

Is the answer in the wind, in how it comes and goes
And on its circuits the wind returns
Like the streams that dive into the sea
Yet it doesn’t overflow

And my eyes want to do more than just see
And my ears long for a glimpse of the sky
But the things you do for this world will not be remembered
So live for more

My flesh is longing for a perfection that it will never meet
So beat those drums, more and more
As I pound my chest, bleed of sweat, and cry

I’m under the sun, what gain is there from madness!



One Response to “Under the Sun”

  1. Alymc Says:

    I miss greatly having time to read your blog and to talk with you …
    we should set up a time for this weekend where we can chat … okay?

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