All of the World

I could have all of the world
And if I did, would I still wear a frown
Momentary “happiness” is when I’m distracted from reality
And reality is that I was not made to walk alone
The more I see, the more I know, I’m not made to be alone

Father, you’ve moved, you’ve called it good, how we’re made
So intricate and sweet, science cannot understand
That we were made outside of time, so wonderfully unconfined
But while we’re here, you know, that our hearts beat
Our hearts beat, they beat as one

Well, I could see all of the world
And I could try, but without love it’d be in vain
Living for a shell and filling a hole with things that disappear
And I could die without love, just lie without love

And if you are blind to love, a hardened heart to love
Then look up towards the hill
Visible from hands and knees
It’s by this we know love, and by this we have love
He laid down his life for us, gave his whole heart to us

This is how he saved all of the world
All of it was love



One Response to “All of the World”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    Awesome. I like the last two lines. Well, the relation of the last line to the second to last line (:

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