Walk in Love

For we are growing weak
Even though you may be weary
Only leaving and missing opportunities
Of conversation
To strengthen our community

Do we love
Only as we feel led
Well, that’s not how we should live
Just think
Do you breathe
Only when it’s a good idea

Is that not the way we should love
It should come out when we breathe
I want it to be found in my fingerprints
And left behind in my tracks
The fact that I love just to love
Yeah, I live to walk in love

Can I be strength when you are weak
Can you be my shoulder to cry on
When in need
In love, be there for me
And may I be there for you

But I will fall
And when I hit the ground
Gently bring me to my feet
When I need help walking



7 Responses to “Walk in Love”

  1. Raquel TWG Says:

    This one’s my favorite of the four.

  2. thejambi Says:


    Mine too.


  3. Alymc Says:

    Mine as well!

    Good to have you back,Zach.

  4. Alymc Says:

    Are you back? … please be back.

  5. Raquel TWG Says:

    Nah he’s not ‘back’. It was only for that one day. He was on bus attendant duty for the camp.

  6. Alymc Says:

    He so tricked me and didn’t even tell me. Grrr.

  7. Raquel TWG Says:

    Yeah we only talked for like 5 minutes and he’s like, “Bleh bleh bleh I need to eat because I’m used to eating at 5:30 blah blah blah hopefully we’ll talk later blah blah blah” Psh.

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