Escape, Dream, Nightmare

It’s like I had to escape
To start to feel
I just had to escape
From everything real
So now that I’m gone
And back again so soon

What’ll happen to the dream that I’ve been having
Will I wake up with a nightmare stalking me
When the fog I’ve been stuck in finally start to lift
Why, why’d I have to get comfortable again

It always comes to haunt and hunt me down
So it seems, but I’ll never regret this one
As long as I’m willing to let go
And hold on to the good
And remember what I said last night

So when you have to escape
Remember, be ready
Ready to let go
Don’t hold them so close
Just remember
Remember they’re in good hands
That certainly aren’t your own
And never could be

So this dream that I’ve been having, it’s all yours
And now that nightmare’s coming for you
The only one that can see in front of me, through all this fog
And I’m reminded what true peace really is



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